Sifted Logistics Intelligence offers tools for eCommerce retailers to track important metrics and KPIs for inventory accuracy. Sylvia Fountaine had experience being a chef before she started selling products. The website would tell customers we had a certain number of bowls in stock, but then someone would come into our physical store and buy us out, with no time to adjust the website.

Any errors discovered during these smaller counts will signal the need to investigate these discrepancies. That way, you can get ahead of what’s causing it and adjust your inventory records accordingly. Otherwise, if you forget to document the damage, your inventory records will still show this product as available.

The Inventory Accuracy Formula

This can lead to inventory accuracy problems when it’s not being stored professionally or managed in a warehouse. With OptimoRoute, you can eliminate human errors with a delivery driver app, track packages in real time, and use analytics to solve any ongoing issues. If two days is enough to cost you their business, imagine how they’ll react to a much longer delay.

And it leads to a lot of wasted time, money, and energy for these direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. A Magento POS system is designed for retailers who operate both Magento eCommerce website(s) and physical stores. It allows them to centralize all sales data and serve customers both online and offline. Therefore, it’s crucial to organize your warehouses and pick locations.

Learning How to Calculate Inventory Accuracy

What makes OptimoRoute perfect for solving this problem is that it’s not a driver or package tracking system. The app then sends this data, along with the real-time GPS location, to the dashboard. Pickers no longer need intimate knowledge of where every product is stored to work efficiently. Instead of manually entering information with new shipments, everything is added to the records automatically. According to Voxware, up to 69% of your customers won’t shop with you again if their delivery is delayed by more than two days.

Inventory Accuracy Formula Used in Calculations

And as the business grows and expands its product line, inventory storage only becomes more difficult without the right equipment and a dedicated, experienced team. When your inventory is accurate, you ensure customers are getting what they ordered instead of turning to your competitor. OptimoRoute even accounts for real-world constraints like delivery times, vehicle capacity, vehicle capabilities (refrigeration, etc.), driver schedules, and more.

How will you achieve 99.9% accuracy in the inventory?

By adopting a cycle counting program, you can enjoy a higher accuracy rate. This way, any errors discovered during these small counts will help you narrow down where to check for discrepancies. Thus, you can quickly catch and resolve issues immediately to adjust your inventory records accordingly. Ed each watch with an RFID tag, enabling real-time tracking and precise stock counts.

This method is most useful for DTC brands with large inventory volumes, where manual counting is less practical or too time-consuming. You can either use a physical inventory count or opt for inventory valuation to inform your calculations. And generally, a good inventory accuracy rate sits around 97% or higher. That’s why inventory accuracy is so vital to your forecasting efforts.

Inventory is fluid, and manual tracking systems can’t keep up with all the moving parts. Plus, manual methods don’t allow you to easily modify or adjust records to reflect accurate inventory levels. In addition, they don’t enable communication among all affected parties involved, resulting in unexpected stockouts and incorrect customer orders. Standardizing your UOM will help you maintain clear communication with customers and suppliers and help keep your inventory records accurate.

Be among the first to be served with our priority consultation service. Take action now to gain access to preferred time slots and personalized attention from our experienced retail specialists. The reduce the need for having to count your complete inventory often, you may want to consider segmenting your inventory to focus on critical and/or problematic areas. If you have inventory that does not show in the inventory system, you won’t be able to move this inventory or sell it. Establish quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of incoming shipments and outgoing orders.

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