While the element defines the position of a hyperlink in the content area of an HTML document, the element in the header area is used to define relationships with other documents and resources. Before the Web, it was quite hard to access documents and move from one to another. Being human-readable, URLs already made things easier, but it’s hard to type a long URL whenever you want to access a document. Links can correlate any text string with a URL, such that the user can instantly reach the target document by activating the link.

The term ‘hyperlink’ has been around for roughly 50 years and was first described by Ted Nelson in a series of books and articles between 1964 and 1980. When Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, was developing his vision of how the web would operate, hyperlinks were a crucial component. On the opening tag, , an href attribute is added, which is short for hypertext reference. The value of the href attribute specifies the desired URL you want the link to take users to when the link text is clicked. A hyperlink, also called a link or web link, contains an address for a destination and acts as a reference to data. A user can easily follow, jump to, and be directed to the destination by either clicking, tapping on, or hovering over the link.


The URL of the position is the URL of the webpage with a fragment identifier– “#id attribute” – appended. How internal MediaWiki links work when one wants to create a link that displays words different from the linked page’s title. One way to define a hot area in an image is by a list of coordinates that indicate its boundaries. For example, a political map what is hyperlink of Africa may have each country hyperlinked to further information about that country. A separate invisible hot area interface allows for swapping skins or labels within the linked hot areas without repetitive embedding of links in the various skin elements. Fragments are marked with anchors , which is why a link to a fragment is called an anchor link .

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What are hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks can also connect text with pictures, sounds, or animated sequences. A hyperlink is a bit of text, an image, or a button in a hypertext document that you can click. A hyperlink may include a link to another document or to another part of the current page. Hyperlinks are found on virtually every webpage to help navigate readers to other pages and websites.

A hyperlink creator can be defined as any automated tool that generates hyperlinks with text on them, usually some form of text editor or link-generating program. These types of programs are also specifically designed to create links that will function in more than one browser, so they should be used when writing content for multiple platforms. A hyperlink is a word or group of words that act as a shortcut to other content. Hyperlinks are used to connect and organize information on the web. A hyperlink can link to another page, an image, a video or any other type of digital resource.

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Hyperlinking and reversing is the daily routine of browsing the web. Clicking a hyperlink is all it takes to activate the jump command. When you click after the cursor changes to a pointing finger, the hyperlink commands the web browser to load the target web page. No matter how they appear, all hyperlinks perform the same basic function. In this article, we went over the definition of a hyperlink and why they are such an important part of the Web. The link by default doesn’t look any different than the other links we’ve talked about here.

definition of hyperlink

For example, you can press Tab repeatedly to navigate through each hyperlink on this page. When you get to a link you want to “click” and visit, you can press Enter to follow that link. Further information and examples on creating a hyperlink are on the link below.

Hyperlink Creator Online

Every time search engines crawl a webpage, they index the website by following the links available on the webpage. Search engines not only follow links to discover the various pages of the website, but they also use the link’s visible text to determine which search queries are appropriate for reaching the target webpage. The formal hyperlink definition is either some text or an image that can be clicked which directs to another location either on the same page or on another page.

definition of hyperlink

The text that appears as the link is referred to as the anchor text. Google rates links leading to a site as recommendations and thus as an indication of their relevance to users. In addition to quantity, the quality of backlinks is included in this evaluation. Our article reveals how to generate strong backlinks and which mistakes to look out for to avoid being penalized by Google. As a rule, element a not only defines the anchor of the hyperlink and the starting point for the link but also the link target.

Techopedia Explains Hyperlink

This is done for usability purposes and to let users know that this is indeed a link. They are an essential and defining feature of the World Wide Web, and they’re what has made the Web so successful. Without hyperlinks, you would need to know each and every URL of every webpage on the Internet in order to visit them.

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When hovering over a hyperlink, what happens?

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